Huatta village meeting

Huatta is one of the villages that has had a lot of success making and selling the bracelets, rings and earrings we introduced last year.  I delivered a bunch of cord today that they bought, so you know that they are making money with it.  A very picturesque and delightful village.

women’s group near Chincherros

This women’s group consists of 25 village woman who have put together their own roadside craft shops.  I showed them the various things they could do with the “cord to connect the world” and I will be bringing the first expedition group to train them when they get here.  This is typical dress for this region–handmade by the local women.

women inspecting the bracelets and earrings made from cord

Huatta village gathering

The village of Huatta is a beautiful place where they have fertile land and even sprinkler irrigation systems.  They invited me to attend a village gathering to present “the cord to connect the world” initiative.  It was very well received and they will be one of the villages we will be working with on the micro-franchises to make the rings, earrings and bracelets.  Some pictures of the village gathering.

Huatta village gathering