It’s about TIME

Time is the currency of life to use as you choose. It is important to remember that the only investment that never fails is goodness. Invest as much of your time in that as you can for the dividends are huge.

As I have been pondering different TIME thoughts today, the following came to mind. Einstein ‘s theory of relativity proved that time is not constant but variable. And when asked how to explain relativity in layman terms he would often say to paraphrase, when you put your hand on a hot stove for a minute it seems like an hour, but when you sit with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute–that’s relativity. Of course that is not what he really meant by relativity, but it did amuse the reporters who were interviewing him and got him off the hook for dumbing down relativity.

Peace Pilgrim, an american mystic, had this advice on time. “Live in the present. Do what needs to be done. Do all the good you can each day, not forgetting the importance of a cheerful greeting and a friendly smile. The future will unfold.” So this was her take on the importance of living well in the NOW and trusting that the future would unfold beautifully without our worrying about it.

There is a well known saying that the past is history, the future is a mystery, today is a gift and that’s why it is called the present. Once again extolling the virtues of doing our best in the NOW and instead of killing time, we milk it for all it’s worth and treat it as a true treasure, the currency of life.

In this vein, killing time then really is a crime and it’s own punishment. Easwaran, a mystic and one of my favorite authors says, “After all, when the desire to lead the spiritual life and live for others comes to us, we can be haunted by our past mistakes and by the amount of TIME and energy we have wasted in selfish pursuits. . . . We are all sent into life for one task, to enrich the lives of others.” To do this, it takes time.

Einstein claimed that the only reason for time was so that not everything happened at once. We say to ourselves, is this even possible? At any rate, time is a dimension that we live in and with every moment of every day.

I guess it’s TIME to avoid Oliver Wendell Holmes’ charge that “Many people die with their music still in them.”

I would have made this longer but I didn’t want to waste your TIME!