First update from Peru

This will be my first update from Peru on what I am calling “The Cord to Connect the World” initiative.  So far I have worked with a church group in Quillabamba, the workers at my favorite restaurant in Quillabamba, an orphanage in Isquchaca, the Gavancho family that runs the Sunflower orphanage in Huallabamba and countless street vendors in Cusco teaching them how to make bracelets, rings and earrings out of the cord I brought down.  I always talk to them about the significance of these items made from cord and tell them that “we are all cords in the fabric of life” and that the bracelets, rings and earrings made out of separate strands represent this fact.The goal is to bring unity to these groups and to help them supplement their incomes by making and selling these “cord to connect the world” bracelets, rings and earrings.  I have talked to several qualified people as well as a number of other NGO’s (non-government organizations) about ways to introduce these mini-microfranchises into their schools and communities where they work.  There is considerable interest in doing this and the work has begun.  I have been able to find and use some local materials as well, but the quality of the local cord is not as good as what I brought with me.