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We are surrounded by creative powers

A key belief in launching the “cord to connect the world” initiative is best described by a quote from Eknath Easwaran’s book, The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living, where he says, “We are surrounded by creative powers, as surrounded as we are by air and light and gravitation.  It is only when we fail to ally ourselves with the forces of light that they are unable to support us.”

In order to tap into these creative powers, we are reminded of the importance of being in tune or in alignment with light forces.  We must strive to put ego issues aside and give and share freely with others, especially with those on the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.  We need to tap into the creativity of the villagers themselves.

Cord to connect the world theme

Carli Porter teaching a village boy how to make a bracelet

We are all strands in the fabric of life.  The bracelets and rings remind us of this fact.  Life is whole and indivisible, and when humanity becomes aware of this unity, we will be able to thrive as a society and work together for the welfare, not just of ourselves, but of all–in our families, our communities and our nations.  The bracelets and rings are symbols of this goal to live in harmony with all of humanity.

Cord to Connect the World

This summer the Galileo Foundation is expanding it’s “Cord to Connect the World” initiative by introducing cord mini-microfranchises to clusters of villages in Peru and Bolivia. I will be spending two months in Peru and Bolivia starting mid-June